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Weekly Email 11-4-13

Happy Monday, Everyone!
This month will be much less busy than last month, but we will still have fun!
I am not really following the curriculum calendar that I gave everyone in September for this month. Since this is Letter G week and we have so many involved grandparents, I thought it would be a nice theme to explore this week:).
I have attached my November calendar.
A lot of families have brought their supplies in since the Garage Sale has been over with.. Thank you! If you haven’t yet, please do so when you can..
A lot of the unsold garage sale stuff is still in the storage room and the shed in the playground. If anyone can bring some of it to Savers or the Salvation Army, etc. please let me know. I have volunteers to help me get the storage room organized and on track again, but need the other stuff out of the way first..lol.
Thanks for all of your participation in the Halloween parties at school! I hope to see some more pictures soon!

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