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About CNSI

CNSI was founded by Mrs. Roderick MacLeod of Irondequoit in 1958. The Community Nursery School of Irondequoit CNSI is an independent organization, owned and operated by member parents. The school is governed by the Board of Directors (made up of member parents), in cooperation with the teacher, the members of the school and the Board of Trustees (made up of past parents).

In a cooperative preschool like ours, WE ARE THE SCHOOL

The entire success of the school depends on each and every one of us. There have been many families that are starting 3rd generations attending the school. As a cooperative preschool we are self-supporting and manage all finances. Maintain all equipment and carry out all administrative duties through joint efforts.

Board Members and Board of Trustees


  • Sylvia Quattrone (Educator/Registrar) –
  • Casey Waite (Educator) –
  • Nora Closser (Chairperson) –
  • Stephanie Heiermann  (Treasurer) -.
  • Andrea Giglio, Aura Bernardi (Fundraising) –
  • Elena Matthews  (Events) –
  • Kristen Smith (Publicity) –


  • Kerri Bauer
  • Teresa Hayes –
  • Kate Rynkiewicz
  • Jill Walters
  • Yasmin Jung