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Co-Op Policies

How the school works, co-op end of it…

The school has three rooms and playground space from the Irondequoit United Church of Christ.

  • Class room
  • Storage
  • Muscle Room (For play time when weather doesn’t permit outside play) They will do activities such as dancing, obstacle courses, bike races and overall physical activity

Since tuition alone will not pay the total operating cost of our school, special fundraising projects (usually 3 per year) will be run.

Being a co-op preschool allows parents to really be apart of their child’s education at CNSI.  There are 2 different tuitions, an assisting parent and a non-assisting:

  • Assisting parents will help in class about once a month depending on class size and how many non-participating parents there are. “Assisting is a great way to see and interact with your child learning and be involved with the school.”
  • Some duties of assisting include
    • Helping children with coats at outdoor play or dismissal time
    • Supervising children
    • Clean up class room such as wiping down tables, sweeping and vacuuming
    • Providing Snack or Drink
    • Depending on the enrollment for the senior class (4year old) there is a 6 to 1 ratio.  There are usually 2 parents plus the teacher in class.  The Freshman (3 year olds) 4 to 1 ratio there is on parent and the teacher every day.

In order to ensure the safety of our students, we conduct background checks on all adults who will be assisting or working directly with the children during the school day. A portion of the registration fee covers the cost incurred by this precautionary measure.